My name is Nikita Kuznetsov and I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Kinesiology at Louisiana State University Baton Rouge. Research in the lab is focused on understanding how the central nervous system controls movement in healthy young adults and in individuals recovering from neurological trauma. The goal is to understand basic principles of motor control in healthy individuals, and to develop novel motor assessment tools and rehabilitation protocols to improve motor function. We primarily use behavioral manipulations coupled with detailed kinematic, kinetic, and surface electromyography to understand how humans learn to perform novel complex skills and coordinate actions of their limbs.

Recent work in the lab has focused on the development of a guitar-based active music-supported therapy for improving arm and hand motor function in individuals recovering from stroke. As part of this work we have been studying questions related to physical interaction of the hand and guitar strings as well as characterizing kinematic patterns of upper extremity movement during learning of this demanding sensorimotor task.